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New car or used car?

If you’re thinking about changing your car – is it wiser to buy new or used?
Conventional financial wisdom has it that used cars generally present better value than used cars. This is because a brand new car has lost a great deal of its value the moment you sign on the dotted line. It is, by definition, immediately second-hand and the value added tax completely seals the deal.

On the whole, it remains true that used cars offer better value for money. But many of us are simply happier buying a brand new car. If you’re one of these people, then there are a few things you should consider in the name of ‘fighting back’ against the additional expense.

First of all, you have peace of mind. If you buy a good quality make of car, then it comes with a legal warranty and if you look after it, it should give you many years of completely trouble-free motoring. You know where it’s been and what it’s been through.

It goes without saying that you should also hunt around for the best possible new car offers you can find. In the current tough economic climate, carmakers and car sellers are having to fight harder for your business, trimming their margins and coming up with all sorts of special offers. So make sure you drive a hard bargain; remember - you can always simply walk away from the deal.

If you are thinking about a new car, consider a hybrid car. Hybrid cars are topping the miles per gallon charts and qualify for subsidies and tax relief in most countries.

Also, these are very much the ‘coming thing’, which suggests you should be able to get a good second-hand price, if you pick the right manufacturer, when you want to trade up in a few years’ time.
Overall, it comes down to personal choice. If it’s all about money – then used cars still have the edge. But if it’s complete peace of mind you’re after, and you can afford it, buy new.